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Design your own custom playing cards

What feeling is better than sitting with your whole family or friends and enjoying a card game. It is like icing on the cake to have a deck of customized playing cards. At TM Playing Cards you can get a custom printed playing cards deck, which has your sweet memories with them. It adds joy and happiness in the game when you play with a personalized custom photo deck. And to make this happen TM playing cards offer you the best quality customized playing cards.

TM Playing Cards has been making custom card decks for playing cards lovers since 1970. Other features of custom playing cards from TM Playing Cards are: As most of the people have a very rough idea in their minds about their custom deck of cards. So to help such people there is an art department, which will help you in getting the most attractive cards deck. The playing cards which you get from TM Playing Cards are plastic coated and are totally free from any toxic substance or lead. The cards are also wear resistant. So, are very suitable for children. The playing cards are either UV coated or are aqua based coated, and you can also add glossy or mat finish as you wish. Playing cards from TM Playing Cards are individually punched which gives them a non burr and smooth finish. Most of the professional players prefer to buy the individually punched playing cards. You get a chance to create designs on both the sides of playing cards and an option to do it in one or more colors. All the orders are taken care personally to offer you the best quality of playing cards. The cards are designed to give a fantastic look and also give prolonged durability.

So what are you waiting for just order your custom playing cards deck from TM playing Cards Dot Com.

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Special design team to assist you - TM Playing Cards has a special art and design department to help you design your personalized deck of playing cards. You can even get your wedding cards designed with your favorite designs or print your marketing catalogue content on the playing cards. Bulk orders of designer cards are the specialty of TM.  


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