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promotinal playing cards We Use State of the Art Heidelberg Printing Machines Which is exactly how casino decks are printed. We use State of the Art Indigo by HP for digitally printed promotional cards. Contact Us Now!

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    There are several reasons why you should choose personalized playing cards from TM Playing Cards. You will get to own top-quality cards that have been printed using the best card printed materials, and playing cards printing technology. Personalized or bespoke cards from TM Playing Cards are offset printed using the ultra modern Heidelberg printing machines in a process similar to the one that is used to make professional casino poker decks.

    Our range of promotional cards is produced using indigo by HP. This guarantees optimum product quality.You will get a chance to design your own playing cards according to your tastes and preferences. Our plastic cards are extremely durable and easy to clean. Our promotional paying cards are very popular with advertisers and marketers. At TM Playing Cards, we provide bespoke playing cards through our art department where we help you to come up with custom designs for your playing cards.

    If you would like to purchase personalized or custom printed playing cards, you should order some from TM Playing Cards DOT COM. As one of the leading custom cards manufacturers, we produce:

  • Top-quality cards for game developers, magicians, businesses and even ordinary folks.
  • If you are looking for custom plastic playing cards, you can get 100 percent pure cards at TM Playing Cards DOT COM.
  • TM Playing Cards produces some of the best-quality promotional cards that you can use to boost the brand presence of your business.
  • If you are more into fun playing, or you would like to get your kids a great gift item, you can get some great fun playing cards that feature various Disney characters such as Hanna Montana, Power Rangers, Mickey Mouse,Little Einstein's, Tiger And Pooh and much more from TM Playing Cards.
  • These cards offer enthralling all-day entertainment for the whole family.
  • These cards meet child safety regulations, and you can rest be assured that your kids will be having fun in a completely safe way.
  • A TM Playing Cards, we offer quick turnarounds production of custom playing cards and an unmatched customer service to all our clients.
  • Once you order your cards, we will deliver them in the shortest time possible. In case of any difficulties,you can always get back to us through our telephone number or email.

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Special design team to assist you - TM Playing Cards has a special art and design department to help you design your personalized deck of playing cards. You can even get your wedding cards designed with your favorite designs or print your marketing catalogue content on the playing cards. Bulk orders of designer cards are the specialty of TM.  


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We will match or beat any quote worldwide if you could give us a written quote from a known playing card manufacturer. sales@tmplayingcards.com