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Custom Tarot Cards | Custom tarot cards Manufacturer

Custom tarot card printing by Tmplayingcards

We here at TMplayingcards proudly offer you our unique, professional and custom Tarot Cards range. Excelling in innovation and designing, we are pioneers as custom playing cards manufacturer. Customize tarot cards printing as per your requirement in sizes and designs.

Unlike other, Tarot manufacturers, we offer you not only regular, but also the complete range of possible Tarot Cards. You can choose amongst: Bridge Tarot Cards. Poker Tarot Cards. The Popular range of culture tarot decks. Modern oracle cards. Occult tarot decks. French suited tarot. Deck-specific symbolism. Hermetic and Mythic Tarot. Italian-suited tarot deck (Non-occult). Crowley-Harris famous Thoth deck.

Apart from this vast range, you can also choose, pick and then design your own custom tarot deck of cards from the available range. Our team of professional designers will understand your requirements and suggest you best possible designs and sizes.

Using Tarot Cards is not a new concept, from age's, occultists and mystics have been using them in foretelling, reading mental and spiritual states. This famous card reading got popular in France and Italy in the 15th century. Thereon to the present, Tarot has emerged as popular playing cards. Mostly, a standard tarot Card pack comprises of 78 cards.

Our Tarot Cards carry the traditional essence of all European suits, so whether it is the famous French, Spanish and German suit, depending on the region, we have it all. The main 4 suits of Tarot comprise mainly: Wands, also known as staves, or batons. Cups, also known as, chalices. Pentacles, also known as discs, or coins deniers. Swords, also known as, Staves. The individual suits consist of pip cards - ace to ten, 4 face cards, 1 card known as Fool and 21 cards comprising of the trump suit. Each card signifies a meaning and significance, which reveals the mind and character of a person, for example, C Signifies Chariot, E Signifies Emperor, or Empress, and so on.

Our personalized tarot cards reflect the quality and affordability that will suit the user. You can easily order your customized Tarot Card and begin your pathways on spiritual reading or playing card games. We assure you to deliver, what you seek!

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Special design team to assist you - TM Playing Cards has a special art and design department to help you design your personalized deck of playing cards. You can even get your wedding cards designed with your favorite designs or print your marketing catalogue content on the playing cards. Bulk orders of designer cards are the specialty of TM.  


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